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​The Atlanta Muslim community has been growing very rapidly in recent years. With dozens of mosques and Islamic centers in the metro Atlanta area, you are never very far from a house of Allah. We have been hosting community-wide events more often and look forward to cooperating on more in the future.

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​Volunteer with the Atlanta Community Food Bank (a 5 minute drive from Georgia Tech’s campus)

The Atlanta Community Food Bank relies on more than 15,000 volunteers every year in various capacities. Individual volunteers and volunteer groups lend support to their day-to-day operations as well as helping to staff special events and other opportunities.
Visit this link to sign-up for specific volunteering slots:

Volunteer with Project Downtown in Atlanta

Project Downtown is a student run community service organization that serves over a dozen cities. Their mission is to provide essential services for homeless and disadvantaged segments of the community. Furthermore, the organization strives to uphold the principles and spirit of Islam in their endeavors. They welcome everyone to join them in providing compassionate, humanitarian services to those in desperate need.
Volunteers meet every other Sunday at 10:30 A.M. at Masjid Al Farooq. The address of the Masjid is 442 14th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308. then at around 12-12:30 P.M. they head to our distribution site (which they alternate between Downtown and an apartment complex with a lot of new refugees). Usually second and fourth Saturday of every month (but sometimes there are adjustments due to events in the area).

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Volunteer at Al-Farooq Masjid

Alhamdulilah, all the programs and initiatives that take place at Al-Farooq Masjid are run by a dedicated team of volunteers that take time out of their busy lives for the sake of Allah. They are always in need of additional volunteers to launch new initiatives and expand on our existing programs. If you would like to get involved in your masjid and earn some reward in the process as well insha'Allah, please signup here:

Volunteer with Georgia Muslim Voter Project

The Georgia Muslim Voter Project was founded in late 2015, in response to the growing anti-Muslim rhetoric that was prevalent in mainstream politics and the low rates of civic engagement in the Muslim community. The mission of GAMVP is to activate Muslim voters in order to elevate our voices. We stand for equal representation and justice in all forms. To sign up to become a volunteer for GAMVP, sign up here: or 

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